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Low Lost Energy Transformers

Low Loss (BEST) Transformer Manufacture


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Clients with Existing Transformers

Having surveyed many sites, we have found that a customer replacing a standard loss unit with a new Low Loss Transformer, on a site suitable for voltage optimisation, can recover the supply & installation costs of the new Low Loss transformer in as little as 2 years.

Clients Requiring New Transformer Installations

Clients installing New BEST Range will pay more money than a standard Loss transformer, but the additional outlay is generally recovered in approximately 2½ years subject to loading. This energy saving and reduction on energy costs again, is continued throughout the life of the Transformer.

Bowers Energy Saving Transformers (BEST range) are specifically designed to provide customers with substantial savings in their Electricity bills and cut Carbon emissions (CO2).

Savings in Energy are achieved in 2 ways:

  • Savings in no load (Iron Losses) and load losses (I2R & stray losses known as copper losses) as a result of manufacturing the transformers from lower loss high grade materials. These materials include the use of specialist Low Loss Core steel and high grade low resistant copper, thereby reducing energy losses within the transformer
  • Voltage optimisation to ensure the correct voltage and power are provided to relevant load. Most equipment is now imported and can operate more efficiently at a lower voltage, thus saving further energy consumption.