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Delivering Electricity Savings

Springfield Hotel and Leisure Club


The family owned Springfield Hotel and Leisure club offers 67 luxury bedrooms attached to leisure and spa club with indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, hot tub, sauna, steam room, gym, squash and tennis courts, and of course a beauty treatment centre.

Set in 6 acres of landscaped gardens. The annual consumption at Springfield Hotel and leisure club in 2012 was 422,966kWh at an annual cost of approximately £40,360.

The implementation of voltage control using the Powersaver Regulator has now reduced this to 376,440kWh, a saving of 46,526kWh, with consequential reduction in carbon emissions of 20,727kg CO2 calculated at 0.44548kg CO2/kWh. The cost savings of £4,440 pa will bring a return on investment in less than 25 months.

Key Project Outcomes

• Electricity savings: 11%
• Annual energy use of 422,966kWh reduced to 376,440kWh, a saving of 46,526kWh.
• Payback time: 25 months

• Improved power quality

• CO2 emissions reduction: 20 tonnes

Performance, outcomes and benefits to the hospital

Diagram 1: Graph showing electricity consumption reduced by 11% after the installation of a voltage control system.